Mirazozo #1

This is the first of a number of shots of the quite beautiful Mirazozo which was installed at George Square Gardens for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

It's a very cool structure that's inflated and deflated each day, and has fans blowing air through it to keep it in place. What appear to be lights are actually seams in the structure - all the light is completely natural (and it wasn't a sunny day!). This isn't the best photo I took of it, but it gives you some kind of context for some of the photos to come.


[17-35mm]  [architecture]  [d700]  [edinburgh]  [urban]  



17 mm, 1/50 sec, f/2.8, ISO 2000

5 September 2011



  • Wired place, it could easily be spidermans cave, I guess he got jealous at batman ;-)
    Claus Petersen @ 6 September 2011
  • now that looks so damn cool! What a shot
    rhys @ 6 September 2011

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